Turkey : Blood freezing event in Kastamonu! The villagers found

According to the information obtained, according to the allegations, the car under the administration of Hayri Ünlü was rolled to a 100-meter cliff in the Efendi location of Ovacık village in Cide district.

After a while, when Hayri Ünlü’s relatives could not reach, he called the gendarmerie and reported the loss. Thereupon, the gendarmerie teams, who searched, went to Ovide village of Cide to investigate the accident that the villagers had noticed when they passed the road.

In the examination made, it was determined that the driver, who was thought to be thrown from the vehicle rolling over the abyss, was Hayri Ünlü and lost his life. A day later, the teams were mobilized to remove the funeral of Hayri Ünlü, who had a body on the cliff. Firefighters and gendarmerie teams affiliated to Cide Municipality landed safely by shaking a rope to the 100-meter cliff.


After the investigation on the body, the funeral of Hayri Ünlü was able to be removed from the cliff with long efforts and great difficulty. The funeral of Hayri Ünlü, who was placed in the funeral vehicle, was removed to the morgue of Cide State Hospital.

Following the removal of the funeral, gendarmerie teams and Crime Scene Investigation teams were investigated at the accident site and an investigation into the incident was launched. (IHA)

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