Turkey : Extraordinary applications warning in economy from Özilhan

TUSIAD High Advisory Council Chairman Tuncay Ozilhan, in his speech made at the Ordinary General Assembly of TUSIAD, said that Turkey has entered a bit more optimistic than in past years to 2020.

Both in Turkey and in the Özilhan said economic concerns decreased slightly in the world, “Business expectations of the world in a slightly improved the situation. The world economy is expected to accelerate somewhat compared to 2019 this year. The positive atmosphere in the world economy affects our country positively. Inflation dropped from record highs, instability in TL decreased, and our CDS premiums fell. The real economy also breathed a little. ”


Özilhan said that private banks also participated in the loan growth, which started with the rise of interest rates, led by public banks. The recovery in growth will also lead to an increase in employment after a while. But extraordinary measures have an important effect on this optimism, which dominated the economy in 2020. If extraordinary practices become normal, our economy will move away from normal and predictability will decrease. For this reason, I hope that permanent and healthy market conditions will be provided as soon as possible. In addition, a series of developments in the medium term, especially geopolitical risks, can disrupt this atmosphere. In the long run, today’s picture becomes more complicated. The twenty-first century is very similar to the early twentieth century. “Profound, very common, very rapid changes occur in technology, production, lifestyles, global system, and social structure.”