Turkey : Fertilizer Plants Sells Nbulkgas Marine Operations

In the tender held for the sale of Nbulkgas Marine Management shares, the Fertilizer Factories subsidiary announced that the 75.12 million dollar offer submitted by Pasco Investment Holding was found appropriate.

The company made a statement to KAP that the administration was authorized to sign the contract.


According to Oyak Investment’s rating, the sales price of $ 75.12 million corresponds to approximately 15% of Gübretaş’s current market value; As of the end of September, Gübretaş has a net debt of 1.1 billion lira.

On the other hand, in another statement he made to Gübretaş KAP, Gübretaş Maden Yatırımları A.Ş. with a capital of 550 thousand TL, which will operate nationally and internationally, in order to realize mining investments. He announced that he would establish a company with the title. (Reuters)