Turkey : The European automotive market will shrink by 2 percent! – Sözcü Newspaper

After the sales volume increased in December 2019, the EU automotive market completed the year with an increase of 1.2 percent. However, ACEA expects a shrinkage of 2 percent for the automotive market in 2020.

The carbon emission rates that came into effect with the new year caused the brands to make changes in their models. With this change, the sensitivity of the public to the environment is higher compared to previous periods. “The biggest factor driving change in our industry is environmental concerns,” said ACEA President Michael Manley. There is a good thing about it, that it is possible to perform road transport with zero emissions. ”

ACEA President Michael Manley

The European Union alone is not among the countries that anticipate that 2020 automotive sales will decrease. It foresees that there will be a shrinkage in the market in China, the world’s largest automotive market.

Another factor affecting the fate of the European automotive market is the trade wars between China and America. When the threat of 25 percent tax increase, which Trump said lastly, was added to this situation, things got a little confusing.

Trump threatens European carmakers!Trump threatens European carmakers!

The brands that accelerate the production of electric cars and the decrease in the production of cars with traditional internal combustion engines are among the situations that trigger this situation. Thus, the brand model that performs electric motor production in Turkey will consider seriously affected by this recession.


There are several major brands producing in Turkey. Ford, which produces especially in the light commercial vehicle segment, meets most of the commercial vehicle needs of Europe. In addition to Ford, Hyundai i10 and the i20 to 90 percent the portion of the proximity produced in Turkey are exported to Europe.

Hyundai new i10 production

The Renault factory in Bursa, where Megane Sedan and Clio are produced, sends a large part of its production to Europe. Renault’s new Clio model in Europe has also shifted production to Turkey.

In addition, Fiat is adjacent to the Renault brand light commercial vehicle models, the Fiorino and Doblo in Turkey, accounting for some models Egea production passenger car segment. The car sold in Europe under the name of Tipo is sent not only to Europe but to almost the whole world.

Fiat Egea HB

Japanese automotive giant including the Toyota hybrid powered version of Corolla and production of C-H models takes place in Turkey. Toyota exports the hybrid versions of these models with electric motors to Europe. Another Japanese brand Honda Civic Sedan is performing in the production of Turkey.

Toyota C-HR Hybrid

The automotive industry is always located at the summit between Turkey’s exports will be affected by the recession in Europe, of course, but estimates made by domestic and foreign markets firms to ensure minimum impact on the level of the situation. Moreover, the effect of the producers contracted by 2 percent in Turkey to the EU market will be felt directly at levels less than 2 percent, and usually will not.