Turkey : Flash claim from China: Vaccine found for Corona virus!

Chinese Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Zhang Hanhui, said the following in a statement to the Russian press in Moscow:

* The scientists in China have proven the drug effect found and the tests are continuing successfully. It is aimed to complete the last part of the work on medicine in a short time and life will return to normal in all cities in China by the end of February.

* At the spreading center of the virus, life is planned to recover by the end of March. We work with the World Health Organization. There are also 2 Russian scientists in our team. We thank Russia and its people for their support.

As a result of the corona virus that first appeared in Wuhan, China, Hubei province, nearly 2,600 people have died. The virus was last seen in Iran and Iraq. IHA

Corona virus panic in the Middle East!Corona virus panic in the Middle East!