Turkey : Wanted to commit suicide, hospitalized with 4 relatives

The incident occurred in the village of Gönüllü, in Gercüş. Dilber T., the mother of 2 children, allegedly used mouse poison to end his life.

His relatives, Eşref T., Hilal T., Şemdin Gündüz and Songül Gündüz took Dilber T. to Gercüş State Hospital, which started to get worse and resign.

Together with Dilber T., 4 of his relatives who got sick in the hospital were treated with suspicion that they were affected by poison. After their interventions, 5 people were transferred to Batman Regional State Hospital.


On the other hand, it was observed that healthcare workers at Gercüş State Hospital wore special clothes fully equipped for intervention to 5 people.

Batman Health Manager Hakan Pamukçu said that the rooms in the emergency room were disinfected due to the mouse poison, so the hospital staff were wearing full-fledged clothes, not worrying. IHA