Turkey : Flash CNN Türk decision from CHP

It was claimed that the Republican People’s Party (CHP) decided to boycott CNN TÜRK. According to the decision taken at the party’s VQA meeting, no CHP members will come to CNN TÜRK anymore.

The CHP will call on its electorate not to watch CNN TÜRK.

During the meeting held by CHP VQA on November 11, 2019, important decisions were taken regarding the statements to be made to media organizations.

The decisions included PM members who wanted to go live, schedule and interviews, MPs, as well as past PM members, deputies and party executives.

Accordingly, the PM members who will appear in the programs were asked to get the pre-broadcast permission from the Deputy Chairman of the Press and Relations and Corporate Communications and the deputies from the group.


Tuncay Özkan, CHP Vice President and Vice President for Press and Corporate Communications, compared CNN Türk to A Haber in his statement on his social media account.

In the Özkan message, “There is no one authorized to express the feelings and thoughts of the CHP in the program, which is broadcasted in CNN Türk, which is no different from A Haber. Guests convey their personal opinions and thoughts. We would like to announce our people with respect. ”