Turkey : SHAME! 27 women fell victim to murder in January, 7 women died as a suspect

The Platform for Stopping Women Murders (KCDP) shared its report on the murders of women committed in January. Accordingly, 34 women were killed last month. According to the statistics compiled by the platform from open sources; The death of seven women is suspect.

The report noted that five women were killed while trying to make decisions about their own life, such as wanting to divorce and rejecting their desire for peace.

The most female murder was committed in Istanbul. 15 women were killed by firearms, eight women by cutting tools, one woman was drowned, two women were beaten and one woman was burned.

When the women’s murders in January were analyzed, it was seen that women were killed the most at home. The number of women victims of murder at home 16. Six women were murdered in the middle of the street, one in the car and one in a deserted place.