Turkey : Flash Corona virus decision from Apple’s biggest supplier!

According to reports on the subject, Foxconn will start producing masks to restart production at its factories in China.

The note that Bloomberg saw and published and sent to the company’s employees stated that the employees are asked to stay away from the Shenzhen factory and that they will be “informed later”.

It was also stated that as the number of companies closing their factories due to the virus increases, the negative impact of shares and commodities will continue throughout the world.

Hong Kong Health Minister Sophia Chan also announced on Friday that they have decided to extend the “work from home” practice as a government for another week due to their coronavirus respect.

In addition, it was announced at Hong Kong Airport that all the planes coming from mainland China will be examined in more detail, with much more serious details than any other international flight.

Accordingly, passengers traveling from China to Hong Kong will be thoroughly screened and kept in quarantine for two weeks. DHA

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