Turkey : Greek deputy Lagos, who ripped the Turkish flag, does not feel comfortable!

In recent days the European Parliament on the Turkish flag by tearing both Turkey as well as at the Turks in Greece attracted a large response to Greece’s extreme right Golden Dawn Party of former members of E.LA.SYN chaired the independent MP Ioannis Lagos European Parliament . It was announced that the (National Conscience) Party filed a criminal complaint against the Greek Supreme Court (Arios Pagos) about Xanthi Mufti Ahmet Mete.


broadcasting in Greece and known as the voice of Western Thrace Turks www.milletgazetesi.g news on the news to announce to the readers of the site, the criminal complaint Ahmet Mete in Thrace Turkey’s interests in line ‘activities in were reportedly allegedly found.

For this reason, it was stated that the necessary documents were collected and submitted to the Supreme Court of Appeals on Monday, February 3 by E.LA.SYN Party officials.


On the other hand, previously opened courts for Xanthi Mufti Ahmet Mete will continue in February.

Mufti Mete said on Tuesday (February 4th) from his social media account:

* Dear Friends. I greet you all respectfully.

* February will be tiring for us, but it will also be enjoyable.

* I would like to share with you. As you know, friends shared the news of a new court.

* The old courts are still ongoing. as follows:

1- The claim that I compared Mustafa Ali Sergeant to the late Denktaş, the court in Thessaloniki tomorrow

2- Court of allegating insults to Jews 19-02-2020 in Thessaloniki

3- Gökçepınar authority extortion claim court 26-02-2020 in Thessaloniki

* Knowing that I am not alone in this blessed case is the most important morale and support for me. God is with the truth.

Fascist reaction from the EU to the fascist Greek proxy tearing the Turkish flagFascist reaction from the EU to the fascist Greek proxy tearing the Turkish flag