Turkey : Frightening fire in Istanbul! Leaped to 2 more buildings

A fire broke out due to an unknown reason at the roof section of the 2-storey building on İsmetpaşa Mahallesi 114th Street at 19.00.


The fire soon spread to 2 buildings on the side, under the influence of the wind. Those living inside the buildings threw themselves outside. Many firefighters and police teams were sent to the scene upon notice.

While the police teams took security precautions in the environment, firefighters intervened in the fire. During the intervention, there was human density in the streets.

While some citizens helped the teams, some were seen to take the fire to the image with their mobile phones.

The fire was completely extinguished after the teams’ work. No one died or was injured in the incident. DHA

Scary fire in the textile factory!Scary fire in the textile factory!

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