Turkey : Social distance has been forgotten in Diyarbakır, where the number of cases has increased!

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced that there was a partial increase in the number of corona virus cases in Central Anatolia, East and Southeast Anatolia.

In Diyarbakır, after 300 people became ill in the last week, it was forbidden to go out on the street without a mask. In the fight against the Corona virus, it was stated that the rehabilitation in the city caused an increase in the number of cases with the controlled normalization process, which was implemented as of June 1, but it was observed that the mask rule was observed in the busiest points of the city, but not in the streets and parks.

While the increase in the number of cases caused anxiety, inspections were tightened in markets and similar places where human mobility was intense, but it was observed that the social distance rule was not observed.



Retired teacher Ahmet Karakoç, who lives in Koşuyolu Park with his nephew in accordance with the social distance and mask rule, said:

* Diyarbakır is hot. We came here, where the parks are cool.

* There was insensitivity to the measures taken in Diyarbakır. People did not wear too many masks. But in the last few days, people have been wearing masks with the increase of cases and the governorship also introduced the mask rule.

* I observed a lot today. Those who do not wear are usually young people.

Stating that the mask rule is not paid attention, Haydar Karakoç said, “I see that people do not wear masks. They don’t take precautions. We sit with my uncle according to social distance. We don’t take our hands anywhere. do not touch. When we go home, we wash our hands. We are changing us, “he said. DHA

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