Turkey : Governorate made sacrifices against disasters

The governor’s office made a sacrifice during the ceremony to “prevent disasters”. In addition to the governor, a high-level provincial protocol such as chief prosecutor and regiment commander attended the ceremony. The Governor’s Office shared this event with the headline “Victim Was Killed By Our Governor Due To Natural Disasters”. The governor’s office said on the subject said: “our province as well as Turkey was around by our governor, earthquakes across the country in recent days, was estimated victims against adversities such as avalanches and airplane accidents. The victim was sacrificed to prevent disasters from happening again and to protect our security forces and our people from all kinds of accidents and troubles. ”

Victim Protocol

Governor Harun Sarıfakıoğulları, Gendarmerie Regional Commander Brigadier General Hasan Koçyiğit, Giresun Mayor Aytekin Şenlikoğlu, Chief Public Prosecutor Abdurrahim Alan, Giresun University Rector Pof. Dr. Yılmaz Can, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander J. Colonel Muhammet Sevinç, Provincial Police Chief Fahri Aktaş, Provincial Council President Ahmet Şahin participated.