Turkey : Sad news came from the newly married couple!

The disastrous accident occurred at 22.10 on Gazi Boulevard in Kepez district.

In the accident involving the 36 EH 044 license plate vehicle under the direction of İlker E. and the 07 Y 8628 license plate vehicle, which was used by Mehmet Fatih Taşran and whose wife Gizem Yiğit Taşıran was involved, was turned into scraps.

The car used by Mehmet Fatih Tasran was thrown over the roadside after being hit by a median, while the car used by İlker E. hit the barriers in the middle of the road.

Many ambulances, police and firefighters were dispatched to the scene upon the notice. While İlker E. survived the accident without any injuries, the couple of Tasaran who got stuck in the vehicle was removed from the vehicle with the intervention of the fire brigade.

Mehmet Fatih Tasran lost his life while being hospitalized. Injured Gizem Yiğit Taşıran was taken to Kepez State Hospital for treatment.

8 months before they got married

On the other hand, it was revealed that Mehmet Fatih Taşran, who lost his life in the accident, and Gizem Yiğit Taşran, who were injured, got married 8 months ago. The relatives of İlker E., who heard the accident and came to the scene, shed tears when he learned that 1 person had died. Investigation into the accident has been launched. IHA

AKP's Mehmet Özhaseki and Menderes Türel had a traffic accident!AKP’s Mehmet Özhaseki and Menderes Türel had a traffic accident! Scissor car caused accident: 3 injuredScissor car caused accident: 3 injured