Turkey : Gram and quarter gold prices… How many lira were the gold prices affected by the virus?

Gold prices are fluctuating with current developments. Gold rose to an all-three-week high, rising with anxious corona virus anxiety. Here are the current figures in gold prices …


Gram gold: 302.03 pounds

Quarter gold: 494.01 Lira

Half a gold: 988.03 pounds

Republic gold: 2.032,00 Turkish Lira


Oil prices also fell below the lowest level in three months, depending on the forecast that the economy will be adversely affected by corona virus in China, the world’s largest oil importer.

While the number of people who died with the virus in Wuhan city of China reached 81, the number of cases reached about 3 thousand people.

Treasury bond yields declined after the virus was identified in the world’s second-largest oil supplier, the USA.

Developments in appearance as the criteria used in fuel prices in Turkey under the influence of Brent crude oil, from around 2.39 percent to 59.27 dollars, US light oil is trading at $ 53.06, down 2:09 percent.

In global commodity markets;

– silver, up 0.73 percent from $ 18.24,

– at $ 1.581.60, up 0.61 percent,

– copper, down 1.99 percent to $ 2.63,

– platinum fell 1.90 percent at $ 991.40 and

– Palladium is trading at $ 2,250, down 2.84 percent.

In the domestic market, the price of grams of gold rose to 302 liras, 495 liras per quarter, and Republic gold rose to 2,047 liras.