Turkey : Rainy days have begun! All Turkey will affect the weather …

Arid last winter returned to normal seasonal rains in Turkey shows itself in many points. According to the latest evaluations made by the General Directorate of Meteorology; It is predicted that the rainy weather of our country will be rainy and partly cloudy, the south and east of Marmara, the Aegean, the Mediterranean, Central Anatolia, the Western Black Sea, the inner parts of the Central Black Sea, the west of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, and Tekirdağ and Gümüşhane.


Rainfall and rain showers are expected in the first hours of the morning, the high parts of Bolu, the inner parts of the Western Black Sea after the evening hours, the western part of Eastern Anatolia, and the surroundings of Tokat, Sivas and Kayseri with mixed snow and high snow. Rainfall; It is expected to be strong in the eastern districts of Antalya. In this morning and at night, ice and frost events are expected in the inner and eastern parts, as well as haze and fog.


It is predicted that it will decrease by 2 to 4 degrees in the western parts, there will be no significant changes in other places, it will be around the normal of the season.