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I found my notebooks where I made notes with a fountain pen. These are notes from books and articles I read 35 years ago. “The Story of Hagia Sophia” I wrote the title below in the notebook:

Founder of Istanbul:


(Years 306-337)

He believes in many gods.

He’s definitely not a Christian. It was bred with pagan culture. Even “Sun god” He even built his own sculpture and erected it at the entrance of the Hippodrome. Some historians wrote that he was not a Christian during his lifetime, but was baptized at the last minute of his death.


In other words, it is not Konstantin, the founder of Istanbul, who decided to build Hagia Sophia, but his son. Constantius.

He started the construction.

Its construction took 34 years.

In the form of the Roman basilica; It has a rectangular wooden roof. To the key point of Istanbul of those years; The Great Emperor Palace, Hippodrome, Milium Column, the most important street was built to dominate Mese. In the name of Hz. Jesus “His divine wisdom” expressing “Hagia Sophia” was named. On the opening day, many items of gold and silver were placed, veils decorated with golden glaze and precious stones were laid, and curtains embroidered with gates were hung on the doors.

Year: It was 360.

It was 395.

The empire was divided into two.

Istanbul became the capital of Eastern Rome. Western historians, “Byzantine …” They found a name. However, there is a village called Byzantine but “The Byzantine Empire” There is no such name. The real thing is the Eastern Roman Empire.

So Anatolian history.

Anatolian geography.

The establishment of Istanbul and the construction of Hagia Sophia do not have a historical connection or interest with the Greek. In those years, Greece spoke only one region of Eastern Rome and the same language. The false thesis that Hagia Sophia and Istanbul was Greek was developed with the distortion of Western historians and foaming the ancient Greek culture. Greece was appropriated free of charge to Hagia Sophia. Our Islamists are also 50 years “Let the chains break … Open to Hagia Sophia …” he took walks and said,By flagging Hagia Sophia in the ideological struggle ” they made a reverse contribution to this foaming.


Stay in my notebook.

The space in this column is narrow.

I can’t write them all.

However, the following notes may give you an idea: Istanbul became the capital of Eastern Rome. Hagia Sophia became the focal point of the city not only for religious but also political, class and social events. Emperor’s wife empress Eudoksi toThe patriarch of Istanbul Jean and the power castration harem lord behind the throne Eutropius The fight to seize power flared up.




Hagia Sophia burned.

It was done again.

It was reopened to worship in 415. And the religious debates, which were the beginning of the emergence of sects in the Christian religion, started based in Hagia Sophia. The most important issue discussed was Hz. It was the divine personality of Jesus. One side, “Hz. Jesus It is God “ he said. Other side, “Hz. Jesus is the son of God ” He was saying. The other side “Hz. Jesus is not only God, but also Man. His mother, Mary, is both the mother of God and the mother of Jesus. ” he said. Discuss. Finally “God-Son-Holy Spirit” This was how the trilogy occurred. And the great commander Fatih Sultan Mehmet He conquered Istanbul in 1453 and turned Hagia Sophia into a mosque. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk During the period, “Museum” It was. During the period of Turgut Özal in 1991, both the museum and the afternoon and afternoon prayers were performed and the Quran was recited.museum – mosque ” It turned.


We came to 2020.

The Tayyip Erdogan administration put the economy in deep crisis, its party lost public support. The base is melting. “To open Hagia Sophia for worship again” he was locked to foam his discourse and stop melting at the bottom. GOOD Party members also develop counter-strategy “To open Hagia Sophia for worship” they made a motion. AKP lawmakers rejected the motion in Parliament.

A Hagia Sophia was left in hand.

Hagia Sophia has also gone.

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