Turkey : The number of cases has increased! Critical warning from the provincial health manager

Sarı used the following statements in his statement on his social media account:

* The restrictions and limitations applied since the start of the pandemic have made life difficult for all of us, but they were all necessary for our health and safety.

* We have taken an important step with the measures taken and the extraordinary struggle.

* Thanks to this, we made the transition to a controlled social life period. However, the ‘control’ keyword.

* If we lose control, the problems we face due to constraints and the struggle we have together can be wasted.


Explaining that they detected 17 new cases in the city after the Eid al-Fitr, Sarı used the following statements:

* 5 of our patients were healed and discharged. 12 of our patients are still receiving treatment.

* So the outbreak is not over. We cannot let go of the measure.

* If we do not want to go back to the period of restrictions, we have to take the mask, distance and cleaning rules seriously and we must achieve this together. IHA

Minister Koca announced the average age of new cases!Minister Koca announced the average age of new cases!

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