Turkey : He entered the prison as Cem, it turned out to be Azmi!

An ID registered on behalf of Cem Kaya appeared on a person stopped by the police on 19 November 2019 at the Antalya Bus Terminal. The person with drugs in his shoes was arrested.

In this process, the real person named Cem Kaya, who applied to the Eskişehir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, filed a criminal complaint by notifying him that the identity information on the person arrested belonged to him.


Cem Kaya used the following statements in his petition:

“I work as a bus driver in Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality. I went to the health center on 31 January. When I went to the pharmacy to buy the medicine, I was told that my registration was closed. I went to the Social Security Institution. I learned that I was under arrest and convicted there. I couldn’t make sense of this situation. I was victimized by someone who used my identity information for a long time.

A company was founded on me in Istanbul. They opened a bingo shop in İzmir and Eskişehir. Even their tax penalties came to me. They gave me deed. There are lawsuits filed against me. I go to the enforcement offices and come. I am currently complaining of the person who is in prison with my name in Antalya. ”


The arrested defendant, who appeared before the judge at the Antalya 4th High Criminal Court, insisted that he was Cem Kaya.

When the court asked the panel to explain its real name, he said:

“I work in Denizli State Railways. I came to Antalya because I couldn’t find any drugs in Denizli. I took the drug and the police caught it when he was about to return to Denizli. I do not accept the claims of the person who filed a criminal complaint against me from Eskişehir. I am the real Cem Kaya. This person can be my enemies. ”

As a result of the researches, it was determined that the real Cem Kaya was in Eskişehir and the suspect still in prison in Antalya was Azmi Çiçen.


Antalya Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office prepared a new indictment for Azmi Çiçen in prison. Ciçen started to be tried for “drug trafficking” and when he came to the judge for the third time, Cem Kaya admitted that he was not.

Azmi Çiçen said, “I was using the fake identity because I had enemies in Antalya. Cem Kaya is the person I know in Eskişehir in a friendly environment. I had rented a car to him once. For this reason, I got the credentials of Cem Kaya. Cem Kaya is unaware of these events and that I use credentials. I regret it, ”he said.

The court board decided that Azmi Çiçen will be tried without arrest from this file and that her detention from other files will continue. (DHA)

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