Turkey : The AKP president was given 23 million debt powers: we will not look at politics like AKP.

Within the scope of Corona virus outbreak measures, city council sessions were postponed for 3 months with a circular. However, the municipalities, which were in a difficult situation due to the effects of the epidemic, held extraordinary parliamentary meetings in order to take some economic measures.

The IMM Assembly also convened extraordinarily in the past weeks, and many controversial decisions were taken in the AKP group’s majority. The most striking decision was the AKP group, which was demanded by İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu, saying “The effect of the epidemic on the IMM budget is around 6.5 billion TL”, and the AKP group has been slashed to 648 million.


Following the IMM Assembly, the councils of the district municipalities also convened extraordinarily and took borrowing decisions. Unanimously, the numbers requested in the decisions were approved without consent.

One of these decisions came from the Çekmeköy City Council of AKP, who convened on May 21. To eliminate the negative effects of the epidemic on economic and social life, the mayor was given 23 million lira of debt authorization.

The decision was taken unanimously. Making a statement on behalf of the Nation Alliance during the voting, Çekmeköy City Council CHP Group Deputy Chairman Ünal Memory criticized the AKP’s policy towards IMM.


He included the following statements in the memory description:

* Your concern is not to serve the citizen, but to prevent you from assuming that you are doing politics. In addition, you are doing harm to IMM and its affiliates.

* We are; we will not act as you do in Istanbul and Ankara. In particular, the revenues of metropolitan municipalities decreased due to Covid-19, and district municipalities were also affected.

* We will not look at the issue from politics like AKP, we will support the needs and works for the benefit of the public and the public. We do not think that you will learn from here.

* But as the Nation Alliance, we say yes to borrowing for the benefit of the public and municipal services.


In the extraordinary session of Üsküdar City Council, which was held on 13 May, AKP mayor Hilmi Türkmen was authorized to borrow up to 75 million TL.

The CHP and the Good Party group announced that they would vote “yes” by saying, “We will not be vengeful, the municipality is in a difficult situation.”

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