Turkey : He ordered a phone online! He was shocked when he saw it out of the box

A person who called Ali Kalaycı, 55, who lives in Konya by phone, said that as a result of his purchases over the internet, he earned a phone worth 3 thousand 200 liras, but he had to pay 149 lira to get the phone.

Hearing that he won the phone, Ali Kalaycı was glad to accept the offer and gave his address. About 2 days later, a cargo arrived at the door of Ali Kalaycı. Ali Kalaycı opened the package after receiving the cargo and paying 149 liras.

Thinking that the phone would come out after the box was opened, Ali Kalaycı was surprised at what happened when the leaf and solution came out of the package he opened. Ali Kalaycı, who called the number that hugged the phone and sent a message to him, could not reach anyone. Ali Kalaycı now wants those who defraud him to be caught as soon as possible and no one should fall into this trap.

Telephone fraudsters targeting older women caughtTelephone fraudsters targeting older women caught


Describing the incident that happened, Ali Kalaycı said that while he was standing still, he received a phone call and said:

“I opened the phone. Then they said that you earned me 3,200 gift points on the internet. They said we will send you a mobile phone. My lady also needed the phone. I said send the phone to me and gave the address. I also told them that I was disabled.

* We will send the phone alone, but they said you will pay 149 liras VAT. We accepted by saying ok. Cargo has arrived. I opened the box and looked, there is detergent, bay leaf. They sent them to me instead of the phone. What am I going to do now?

* The money I gave was also wasted. I ask our elders, the authorities to help me. I got ripped off and nobody else got ripped off. Such scams have increased. Nobody has any condition to trust anyone. Nobody trusts anyone. What should I do?

* I’m desperate, I want help. I am constantly calling numbers that send messages. They make me listen to music. Nobody is looking at the phone, nobody is interested. They say it is not reachable, it is closed or you can call in half an hour. I am calling, I am not looking at the phone.



Ali Kalaycı noted that he had been defrauded before and used the following statements:

* The phone came to me. We will give you credit, I was told your debts will be closed. I am also happy to hear the money. My mind comes out when I hear about the money.

* The bank does not give me credit to cover my enforcement debts. Since I was desperate, I could not stand the phone from my friend. They called and went. They filled us up in a minibus like a herd of sheep, it wasn’t the only one, there were 15-20 people there. They said sign here, sign here. They gave us an 8 thousand lira. They said a commission of 2 thousand liras.

* They took the commission. They gave us 6 thousand lira. I bought 6 thousand liras. That money is over. They give me some money, they deceive all retirees like me. My retirement pay is cut, I do not receive any money.

* I have to live like this for 1 year, I don’t know how to get along. I fell, nobody else should fall. May Allah help all falling friends. (IHA)

They told the journalist who spoke on the phone in the cafe saying They told the journalist who spoke on the phone in the cafe saying “You cannot criticize the government”