Turkey : They stopped production! The action to quit is over

850 workers at the automotive factory, which was contested by the organization of the Turkish Metal Union in Bursa, stopped production the other day and announced that their fired friends would not be able to go to work until they were taken back.

Confederation of Labor Unions of Turkey (Turk-Is) connected the Turkish Metal Union members began a walkout by workers, Bursa Governor James Jumblatt ended with negotiations with the parties.

Thousands of workers took 15 minutes to quit!Thousands of workers took 15 minutes to quit!

Oyak Renault Foreign Relations Coordinator Selim Akbaş, Akwel Bursa General Manager Mehmet Selam, Türk Metal Union Bursa Branch President Mesut Erdem and Türk-İş Bursa Regional Representative Ruhi Biçer met with Governor Canbolat.

After negotiating with the parties regarding the dispute between Akwel and the Turkish Metal Union, a consensus was reached. IHA