Turkey : How is the rise in gold prices? 26 February quarter and gram gold prices…

With the concern that the Corona virus outbreak may have spread to many countries outside of China, investors turned to gold, but gold fell somewhat in the global markets yesterday when claims about vaccination emerged. Quarter and gram gold prices have been at higher levels than they have been for a long time. Here is the current situation in gold prices…


Quarter gold: 531.36 Lira

Half a gold: 1,062.72 Lira

Gram gold: 324.34 Lira

Republic gold: 2.194,00 Turkish Lira

Gold prices are rising! Quarter and gram gold prices set a record


Bahrain Oil Minister Mohammed bin Khalifa said that cutting production is a “very effective” method for stabilizing oil prices. Pointing out that the negative impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on oil is mostly associated with developments in air transport, Minister Khalifa said that the outbreak was a “short-term event” and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) against the possible negative effects of Covid-19. He emphasized that he has the necessary mechanisms.

Following the OPEC meeting in Vienna on 5-6 March, the decision on oil cuts will be determined.

Developments in Turkey with the effect used as a criterion in defining the fuel price of Brent crude oil fell 56.08 percent from 0:39 dollars, traded 0.29 percent, down from US light oil 51.28do.

In global commodity markets;

– silver, down 2.68 percent to $ 18.37,

– gold, down 1.33 percent from $ 1,654.20,

– copper, down 0.14 percent from $ 2.57,

– Platinum fell 1.32 percent to $ 961.50,

– Palladium is trading at $ 2,590.50, an increase of 2.88 percent.

In the domestic market, the price of grams of gold decreased to 325 liras, quarter gold to 532 liras, and Republican gold to 2.202 liras.