Turkey : Journalism is exactly this! – Sözcü Newspaper

“The news is what someone doesn’t want to be published, the rest is advertising.”

Generally “Journalism is writing what disturbs someone, the rest is public relations” famous writer To George Orwell the owner of this word attributed, USApublisher from William Randolph Hearst‘Truck. Itself, 19th century’in USAowns one of the biggest broadcasting chains.

Need Hearst‘of 1800the words he made in the ‘, Orwellsentence attributed to 19th century’as well 20th century along and 21st century’first 20 yearsIt proved its correctness.

Since the first newspaper was published, the rulers of the countries, politicians, money and power holders have always expected newspapers and journalists to show themselves well, advertise and even propaganda.

On the other hand, they were always uncomfortable with the news of journalists.

Just yesterday, there were two examples in our country that show that this word is still valid.

in the first President Tayyip Erdoğan, to herself “The opposition reacts to your statement” we have a few martyrs “” she’s Fox News reporter, “Fox is a newspaper first, stop producing false news ” paid off.

In the second one CHP Deputy Chairman Oğuz Kaan Salıcı, to herself Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu‘S CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlureminiscent of questions asked to CNN Turk Instead of answering his reporter, he said:

“You went to the President and Kılıçdaroğlu had asked such questions, can you ask if you have an answer?”

I also know two journalists asking questions. Journalists who do their jobs in their honor. The questions asked by both are the questions that should be asked within the boundaries of journalism.

The method used by the two politicians in the face of troubling questions is the same:

“The best defense is attack.”

“We have two martyrs” when I mean “We have a few martyrs” expression, most likely President Tayyip ErdoğanHe also disturbed himself.

He also hesitated to remind the President’s statement and the reactions to that statement, Fox News‘s targeting shows that he has a hard time defending his expression.

Whereas Libyaor Idlibwho knows best about what happened in President‘Dr. Consequently, it is also the first addressee of these questions. Number of journalists martyrs, Idlibin and LibyaIt is the most natural right to ask the President what happened in Istanbul.

Similarly, Oguz Kaan Salici in CNN Turk while answering the reporter’s question very well, targeting the journalist Erdoganhas fallen into the same situation.

It is both the right and duty of the journalist to ask a minister’s allegations to the addressee.

Whether in power or in opposition. Politicians have to accept that journalists pursue disturbing facts for themselves. They can give questions “Justified answers” journalists do not need to be afraid of the work they do, if they are confident in the accuracy of what they are doing, they are not bothered by the questions they ask.

As a result, journalism is to make news that annoys someone, to ask questions.

Who do we trust?

Journalist Murat AğırelYou know what happened to. His social media account was compromised even though he had the option to send a verification message to his mobile phone. A verification code is sent to a mobile phone I know, a state-run telecommunications specialist. Is it possible without that code? ” I asked. “It is possible and very easy to do if the state wanted it,” he said. “How do GSM operators provide this information?” I said, “Already all of them at one end of the listening centers,” he said.

“So if they want, can they do their online shopping and banking transactions in this way?” I asked the question. “Yes if they need it,” he replied.

When I listened, I was afraid of the “big brother” state, where the state was watching our private life so easily and it could be included in our life so easily. Who will we trust in an environment where the state uses its powers so comfortably against its citizens to protect its citizens from terrorism and trouble?