Turkey : How is unemployment benefits calculated? How much unemployment benefits can be paid?

How to calculate the unemployment benefit given by the government to partially support the employee who leaves the job deserving to receive unemployment benefits, in order to meet his basic needs for a certain period of time until he enters a new job? All the curious details are in our news …


For the amount of unemployment benefits, the earnings of the insured employee for the last 4 months are taken into consideration. 40% of the average daily earnings calculated over the 4-month gross earnings are calculated as unemployment benefits. How many days will be paid, after multiplying that day, it is deposited into the employee’s account on a monthly basis. In other words, the employee may receive unemployment benefits up to 40% of his average wage.

The limit of unemployment benefit is set at the minimum wage. The daily unemployment allowance that a person can receive can be up to 80% of the daily gross minimum wage. If 40% of the average daily earnings for high-wage workers exceeds 80% of the daily minimum wage, the daily unemployment allowance that the person will receive will be 80% of the minimum wage. Only stamp duty is deducted from unemployment benefits.

40% of the average of earnings based on premium for the last 4 months is collected and only stamp tax is deducted (0.00759%) and the remaining amount is paid. The point to be considered in this case is that even if your wages are high, 40% of unemployment insurance is not taken directly, unemployment insurance cannot exceed 80% of the minimum wage. Now, let’s look at how much the salary a worker who works with a minimum wage in 2019 will be unemployed. (Gross salary will be calculated over 2.558,40 TL.)

Total of Last 4 Months Prime Principal Earnings: + 2558.40 2558.40 2558.40 + 10233.60 + 2558.40 =
Average Monthly Earnings: 10233.60 / 4 = 2558.40
40% of Average Earnings: (2,558,40) x (40%) = 1,023,36
Stamp Tax Deduction: (1.023,36) x (0.00759) = 7.7673024
The amount of unemployed pension entitled: (1.023,36) – (7,7673024) = 1.015,59 TL.

Let’s assume that this time the employee received a gross salary of 4,000 TL. Accordingly, the amount of unemployment benefits will be calculated as follows:

Total of Last 4 Months Prime Principal Earnings: 4.000 + 4.000 + 4.000 + 4.000 = 16.000 TL
Average Monthly Earnings: 16 000/4 = 4000
40% of Average Earnings: (4,000) x (40%) = 1,600
Stamp Tax Deduction: (1,600) x (0,00759) = 12,144
The amount of unemployed pension entitled: (1.600) – (12.143) = 1.587.85 TL.


The primary condition for benefiting from unemployment insurance is to be covered by unemployment insurance. People who do not pay unemployment premium can not benefit from this insurance. For example, workers who retire but continue working life cannot get unemployment benefits if they are unemployed because they are not covered by unemployment insurance.

– Unemployment insurance is not entitled to every dismissal process. The reason for dismissal must be a reason that deserves unemployment benefits.
– To be insured uninterruptedly for the last 120 days (4 months) before leaving work,
– Having been paid at least 600 days unemployment insurance premium in the last 3 years,
– In order to take full advantage of the unemployment allowance, it is necessary to apply to the nearest İŞKUR personally or electronically within 30 days after leaving the job. For applications after this period, the appropriation starts to be received from the process after the application. No allowance is made for the unemployment period before the application.

Workers who leave the job by meeting all the above-mentioned conditions will be entitled to unemployment benefits. How much the unemployment benefit amount will be and how long it will continue is calculated in relation to the wages received during the work of the worker.


Workers who meet the conditions for receiving unemployment benefits, within the last 3 years before the termination of the employment contract;

– 180 days (6 months) to the unemployed unemployed who have paid 600 days unemployment insurance premium.
– 240 days (8 months) for the unemployed unemployed who worked 900 days insured and paid unemployment insurance premium.
– Unemployed unemployment benefits are paid for 300 days (10 months) to the unemployed unemployed who have worked for 1080 days and more with insurance and paid unemployment insurance premium. Workers, while receiving unemployment benefits, can benefit from the health services that he and his family are dependent on.

How much is unemployment benefits? How much is unemployment benefits?