Turkey : Operation that does not search for movies in Balat! Thieves who steal historical artifacts from the church were caught

Fatih District Police Department teams took action upon the notice that an excavation was carried out inside the church on Mürselpaşa Street and a table with a high financial value was stolen.

Teams initiating extensive research, Hakan Ç. He determined that a person named was trying to sell the stolen painting to an antique shop in Ayvansaray.

Hakan Ç through the antique store. Appointment is arranged with. Arriving at the meeting address, the suspect took the antique shop to the attic of a passage to show the painting. Following the antique shop and the suspect, the police carried out an operation on the rooftop.

The work seized in the operation.

Hakan Ç. and Bayram T. were taken into custody, the historical value painting was taken under protection by the police.

The police, who applied to the testimony of Bayram T., who was among the suspects, was caught by Selim Semihcan Ö. and Sefa B. together with people named after they excavated. Selim Semihcan Ö. and Sefa B. were also detained. While 10 people caught and determined to be related to the incident were transferred to the courthouse after their safe operations, they were released by the judicial authorities under the condition of judicial control. (DHA)