Turkey : How many rak’ah is the prayer prayer? How is the prayer prayer performed in the Miraj Kandili?

Although the prayer prayer is four rak’ahs, it is the longest prayer. There are long prayer beads at every stage of prayer. It is evident that it should be performed on blessed days and nights, if not every day. In the prayer, “Sübhânelâhi ve’l-hamdülillâhi velâ ilala illallâhü vallâhü ekber.” The rosary is read. So how is the prayer prayer performed, how many rakats?


Rosary prayer is a mendub prayer which is recommended to be performed once in a lifetime. The Messenger of God (pbuh) said to his uncle Abbas, “Look, uncle, I will teach you something that has ten benefits; If you do this, God will forgive the first-end, old-new, unknowingly-committed, sinful-minor, and secretly-confused sins of your sins. ” He recommended and taught this prayer. Hz. When Abbas says we cannot do this every day, Hz. The Prophet stated that it would be sufficient to perform this prayer once a week, once a month, once a year or once in a lifetime (Ebû Dâvûd, Tatavvu ‘, 14; Tirmizî, Salât, 238).

The prayer of the rosary is four rak’ahs and it is performed as follows: Prayer is started with the intention of “praying the prayer for the sake of Allah”. 15 times after Sübhâneke, it is called “Sübhânelâhi ve’l-hamdülillâhi vela ilaha illallahü vallahü ekber”. Then Ezzu is drawn to basma, and after reading Fatah and Sura, it is said 10 times more “Subhanelâhi ve’l-hamdülillâhi vela ilaha illallahü vallahü ekber”. This rosary is said 10 times when it comes to bow, 10 times when it is correct from the bow, 10 times in the first prostration, 10 times in the prostration and 10 times in the second prostration. Thus, 75 rosaries are made in every competition. When you get to the second competition, the rosary is read 15 times, then the bash is recited and the passage is read 10 times. The remaining rakats are repeated in the same way, thus completing 4 rakats and a total of three hundred rosaries.

The prayer of the rosary is not performed in times of goodness (Ibn ‘ibid, Reddu’l-muhthar, II, 30-31). If there is something that requires prayer prayer in prayer beads, the prayer prayer is performed normally, and no prayer specific to the prayer prayer is performed in those prayers (Tahtâvî, Hâşiye, p. 361).