Turkey : If you’re poor, come to school on the weekend! – Sözcü Newspaper

39 districts of Istanbul were scanned one by one. 97,515 children in mega city, especially in districts where poor citizens live
he was not going to kindergarten. MEB took action. The state is now for the poor children, schools on Saturdays and Sundays opener. The 5-year-old children, who will start their 1st year this year, will be given priority. The first lesson is on February 28.

MEB produced alternative solutions such as mobile vehicles and workshops to reach the OECD average of 87 percent in early childhood education. It was also decided to give nutrition, equipment support to children in the poor settlements in difficult conditions, which are included in the TBMM 2020 Education Budget Report.


A surprise situation arose in Istanbul, which is accepted as the “Capital of Education” with 3.2 million students. Upon the instruction of Istanbul Provincial Director of National Education Levent Yazıcı, the enrollment rates in 39 districts were examined one by one until the end of January 2019 and January 2020, when the schools were opened. Early childhood report on mega city Istanbul revealed striking truth.


According to the report; According to the age population in Istanbul, there were 239 thousand 46 children who were 5 years old in September. While 141 thousand 531 of these children went to school, 97 thousand 515 children were out of school. According to the OECD, where early childhood schooling rate is 87 percent; Istanbul remained at 59.2 percent. Istanbul was 28.8 percent behind OECD. The Directorate managed to reduce the number of children who did not go to school, which was 97 thousand 515 in September, to 74 thousand 630 in October, 67 thousand 551 in November, 58 thousand 979 in December and 57 thousand 692 in January. However, 57 thousand 692 children were still not sent to school.


Although the average of Istanbul has increased to 75.6 percent with these efforts, there are problems in 16 districts, including Esenyurt, Esenler, Arnavutköy, Sultangazi, Sultanbeyli, Gaziosmanpaşa, Bağcılar. While Arnavutköy is the last with a 34.5 percent kindergarten schooling rate, only 2,28 of 5 thousand 885 children living in the district go to school. 3 thousand 857 children are not sent to school for nutrition and cost reasons. Currently, 1880 children are not going to school.


When schools were opened in Esenyurt, 6 thousand 944 children went to kindergarten in September, 11 thousand 622 children of 5 years old were not receiving education. After 5 months in the study, Arnavutköy recovered slightly, this time Esenyurt was the last one in 39 districts. According to the latest data dated January 2020; In Esenyurt, 10 thousand 373 children are not sent to kindergarten, especially for economic reasons. In Esenyurt, where 8 thousand 193 children went to kindergarten, the enrollment rate at an early age remained at 44.1 percent.


Ankara Provincial MEM Levent Yazıcı’s proposal to open schools on weekends, public education centers, governorships and district governorships to provide financial support such as nutrition has been approved in Ankara. With the approval of MoNE Directorate General for Basic Education and MoNE Directorate General for Lifelong Learning, a special project was carried out for 3-6 year old children in the age range of 37-72 months in Istanbul.


Classrooms, buildings, land needs in Istanbul
and, due to poverty, it was decided to open schools on Saturday (Sunday-Sunday). MEB approved. 5 year olds who will start school for the first time this year will be given priority. The training will be the same as the weekday training. Game, activity
and a feeding hour. Istanbul Governorship will take measures. District Governorates will cover their nutritional expenses. Social Aid Foundation will provide financial aid.


Turkey, 68.3 percent five years schooling weekend schools staffed with teachers to increase the average ‘ex officio’ ie compulsory to appoint. If there is no permanent teacher, paid teacher, master teacher will be kept. How the teachers were to be paid was not planned. There are still 1 million 564 thousand 813 to 10 thousand 699 children in kindergarten in Turkey. There are 387 thousand 182 students in 2 624 official kindergartens and 815 thousand 484 students in the school with 19 thousand 919 kindergartens.