Turkey : Big fire in Bahçelievler – Current news

The fire broke out with an unknown reason in the textile workshop on the 6th floor of the 6-storey building in Kavak Street, Çınar Caddesi, in the New District of Bosnia. The fire grew in a short time as a result of the flames of the chemical substances inside. Many firefighters, police and medical teams were dispatched to the scene upon the notice of those around.

Lack of Employees in the Workshop Prevented a Major Disaster

While there was a heavy smoke due to fire in the environment, the fire was brought under control after the firefighters’ work lasted about an hour. The absence of employees and students in the building, which has 4 floors as a private school and the last two floors as a textile workshop, has prevented a major disaster.


While there were no dead or injured in the fire, massive material damage occurred in the building. While the exact cause of the fire could not be determined yet, an investigation was launched into the incident. The cause of the fire will be determined after the work to be done. DHA