Turkey : IMM filed a lawsuit for discontinued aid campaign and blocked accounts

IMM went to the court after the developments after the donation campaign launched on March 30, 2020 to help the victims of the epidemic.

İBB Legal Consultancy filed a lawsuit to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the request to stop the execution of the circular on the “Fund raising” issued by the General Directorate of Provincial Administration of the Ministry of the Interior, which requested a prosecution to be stopped for the purpose of stopping the donation campaign without permission.

The petition was submitted to the Istanbul Sentry Administrative Court Presidency to be sent to the Council of State.


It was stated in the petition of the case that the circular was against the law. Donations are also included in the revenues of the municipalities in article 59 of the same law. Accepting donations unconditionally in Article 38 of Law No. 5393 is considered among the duties of the mayor. In addition, in the 23rd article of the Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 5216, accepting conditional and unconditional donations and making savings are shown among the revenues of the Metropolitan Municipality. ”


IMM Legal Consultancy; Based on the circular issued by the Istanbul Governorship on March 31, it also brought the decision of the IMM to freeze the accounts from which aid funds from 4 different banks were collected.

It was pointed out that the decision of the Governorship of Istanbul regarding the blocking of bank accounts was also unlawful and the execution of the blocking decision was canceled and canceled within the framework of the laws on collecting aid and saving.

In the petition, it was stated that the IMM could not use the accounts due to the blockage put into the accounts by the governor and said, “This constraint situation will also reveal the situation that our country and Istanbul could not reach the needy people in this difficult period due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. and it is obvious that it will cause impossible damages ”.


Against the epidemic of the corona virus that shook the world, IMM launched a donation campaign with the slogan “We will succeed together” to help the needy and elderly citizens, healthcare workers and patients living in Istanbul. Account numbers were opened in 4 banks to collect donations. It was stated that the Ministry of Interior issued a circular and that some institutions, foundations and associations, especially some local governments, initiated aid collection activities by declaring certain accounts, despite the clear provisions of the Aid Collection Law, without any permission. The Governorate of Istanbul also sent a letter to the banks that opened a donation account and asked for the accounts to be blocked. 2 bank accounts froze.

Latest situation in IMM's donation campaign ...Latest situation in IMM’s donation campaign …