Turkey : Imported tree taxed

The customs duties of some imported trees brought from abroad and ornaments made of cork wood have increased significantly. According to the new regulation, those who want to equip the gardens of the environment or institutions, especially public institutions and municipalities, with imported trees will have to pay customs duties of up to 19.5 percent.

The Directorate of Religious Affairs, which stipulates that an imported tree will be planted in the complex instead of the domestic, is expected to be negatively affected by the regulation that makes the imported tree expensive.


The Presidential Decree, which regulates the increase of the customs tax of some imported products, came into force by being published in the yesterday’s issue of the Official Gazette.

According to the new decision on the application task of the Ministry of Commerce from abroad, with bare roots in Turkey brought saplings and trees with conifers and evergreen trees per cent between 15.5 to 19.5 per cent depending on the country imposed during the customs clearance varying proportions to Get customs duties.

Prior to the new decision, 2.4 to 3.9 percent customs duties were imposed on the imports of these trees. Accordingly, if the tax-raised trees are imported from EU countries, the customs tax will be 15.5 percent instead of 2.4 percent, and 19.5 percent instead of 3.9 percent if brought from other countries.

As a result of the decision, no 1.9 percent customs tax was applied to trees brought from Singapore.

Required to be imported

It was noteworthy that the customs brake brought to the imported tree, which caused a significant amount of foreign currency outflows abroad, came right after the publication of tender news, which required the planting of imported trees to the complex garden built by the Religious Affairs Directorate in Elazig.

SÖZCÜ revealed the technical specifications of the 58.7 million lira complex built by Diyanet in Elazig and announced to the public that Diyanet wrote the condition that all the trees should be imported for Harput Kulliye’s garden.

CHP Elazığ MP Gürsel Erol also reacted to the tender specification prepared by Diyanet for planting imported trees instead of the locals, and said that the imported tree requirement was also against the Savings and Investment Circular published in 2018 by the Presidency.

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