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Until the Covid-19 outbreak, they lived in solidarity and happiness in their great home in Kocaeli.

The extended family, consisting of father, mother, grandmother, siblings, aunts and cousins, consisted of 9 people, all of whom were relatives cared for by mother Dilek Üstün, who had mental illnesses and those with chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s.


April 24, 2020…

Covid-19 test is applied in the factory where Uncle Murat Özkan works, and the results of some officials are positive. Soon coughing, weakness and 39 degrees of fever occur. He is given an antipyretic, and an ambulance is called and taken to Kocaeli Körfez State Hospital. Swabs are taken and flu drugs are written and sent home.


After a few days, symptoms such as cough, burning in the urinary tract, abnormal movements in the intestines, and malaria occur together with the mother, Dilek Üstün, in this time. He is also starting to use flu medications that are given to uncle.

Meanwhile, family members realize that Yaşar Kan, who is a mentally handicapped man who struggles with chronic diseases such as kidney failure, Parkinson and heart rhythm disorder, and who also has respiratory problems, has a hard time eating and is restricted from sitting.


Anne Dilek Üstün thinks that these may be of Parkinson’s origin and should be taken to the hospital.

However, his wife opposes, suggesting the possibility of Covid-19 transmission in the hospital. Therefore The mother takes Yaşar Kan to family doctor G.M. on the morning of May 4th. “Your patient is having respiratory infections” after the doctor has finished the examination. says. Mother objected “These could be Covid-19 symptoms. Moreover, we have two elderly people with chronic diseases at home. Can’t you refer to the hospital considering their health? ” she asks.

Family doctor also “They can go if the fever rises and it is very difficult to breathe” The report says. He convinces them to return home by giving them flu.


However, the pharmacist where they go to take the medicines says that the patient’s appearance is not good and they should definitely have a test in the hospital. But the mother goes home, stating that the family doctor convinced her.

This time, those at home also insist on testing. All of them go to the hospital and give an example of nasal and nasal swabs.


Towards midnight of May 5th…

When the situation of his great uncle Yaşar Kan starts to get worse, he goes to the emergency room again. The patient’s lung tomography is taken and blood and swab samples are taken. When the findings suggesting Covid 19 are found in tomography, he spends the night in the red area.

In the morning, he is admitted to Derince Training and Research Hospital. Since Uncle has a 70 percent mental disability, Dilek Üstün also stands by her as a companion.

Meanwhile, on the same day, his test was reported to be positive, and he was hospitalized.


Wait, the chain of tragic events is just beginning.

Because with cousin Mehmet Özkan, who has chronic kidney disease and also has a tumor in his kidney, they are sent back to home after the tests applied to 80 percent mentally disabled grandmother.

May 8…

An ambulance takes the grandmother who has a positive test result. A highly mentally disabled woman spends the night in the red area.

By 9 May, mother Dilek Üstün and her uncle Yaşar Kan are taken to the same room.

But unfortunately, his condition is getting worse, and he is being taken to intensive care. Approval is obtained from the mother for the application of the drug brought from abroad to be reported to the Ministry of Health.


The ordeal does not stop here either! ..

A few days later, Dilek Üstün and 80 percent mentally disabled grandmother are removed from the hospital and sent to a dormitory for quarantine purposes. Despite their persistent demands two days before this procedure, no new swabs are taken from them and “Now you are healed, so you go to the country. We act in accordance with the protocol ” Called.

On May 22, both of them are sent home by saying “You have recovered”.


But on the same day, the daughter of the house and the mother of her 3-year-old child, Gamze Üstün, are sought in intensive care and “Your uncle Yaşar Kan’s situation has become very severe. We will take plasma from you. However, unfortunately, we are not hopeful because Covid-19 is spread to all lungs and organ failure is advanced. ” is called to the hospital.

Unfortunately, 4-5 hours later, his uncle Yaşar Kan, unfortunately, loses his eyes on life.


The relatives who run to the hospital again and again are taken to the open morgue by the elevator. In the body bag brought for the funeral of the deceased, Covid writes 19+. Despite this, the officers open the face of Yaşar Kan and allow them to say goodbye with one last contact. After the mother, father, daughter and son caress the body of the deceased, they hug the body bag and put it in the place shown. Meanwhile, the officers in protective white clothing come and give the death report. The funeral team is washing the funeral and the burial is done without being removed from the coffin.

What should they see when they return home with tears and deep pain?

Doesn’t the report write “Natural Death Not Caused by Infectious Disease”?

Of course they go crazy.

They immediately call those concerned and state that they have handled the body and the bag. On top of that, the filing team takes swabs from all of them.


May 29…

When the test of Anne Dilek Üstün is positive, she is hospitalized again in Derince Education and Research Hospital.

Gamze Üstün, who could not bear more than what she experienced, made the sharing of her Twitter account and her scream, Minister of Health Dr. Trying to announce to Fahrettin Koca. Thereupon, the Provincial Health Directorate shows interest and they take the patient from Derince Training and Research Hospital and put them in a private hospital.

In the hospital there, as a result of the care taken by the members of our valuable health army, who have been fighting the virus by putting their lives at risk since the beginning of the epidemic, and providing success acclaimed all over the world. disease turns into a healing process.


And the last shock!

Gamze Üstün is called from Derince Research and Training Hospital the day before and do you know what is said by complaining to the Ministry of Health?

Hold on tight.

Your uncle died from Covid-19. We prepared a second report. You can come and get it! .. ”


Gamze Üstün first “Natural Death Not Caused by Infectious Disease” he wrote, changing the complaint and said,Covid-19 “Died” preparing to file a criminal complaint with the prosecutor for the authorities who prepared the report…

NOTE: By talking to Gamze Üstün, Ses Kocaeli Newspaper first announced the subject I wrote to the public. (U.D.)

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