Turkey : In Sezen’s death, the first report was announced: Original and flawed

The accident occurred on September 16 at the Ege University campus in Bornova.

Sezen Zambak, who finished first in the University of Agriculture Faculty Dairy Technology Department, wanted to cross the road inside the campus while the tractor, under the direction of Vehbi B., was watering the flowers.

While Zambak, who took part in projects within the university, remained under the tractor, health and police teams were sent to the scene with notice.

Paramedics determined that Lily died at the scene. Tractor driver Vehbi B., who was detained after the accident, was released after his statement.

The teams watching the images of the accident where Sezen Zambak lost his life and investigating where the accident happened, prepared an accident report.

In the record, the driver of the tractor was found to be incomplete and completely flawed for violating the article “giving the right to first pass to pedestrians who pass in accordance with the rules”.

The hearing was postponed

Vehbi B., who caused Sezen to die, appeared before the judge for the second time at the Izmir 47th Criminal Court of First Instance.

In addition to the defendant Vehbi B., the lawyers of the parties, along with Sezen’s mother Kevser Zambak, father Metin Zambak, brother Damla Zambak, attended the hearing.

The family’s lawyer, Turan Aras, stated that there were deficiencies in the court file and demanded a re-examination.

Defending that the court has lost its neutrality, Aras said, “We think that the Ege University Rectorate is also responsible in this event. That’s why we filed a criminal complaint against them. We are waiting for the file of this case. We also think that the court has lost its neutrality. That’s why we have a request for a judge to be rejected. ”

Sezen’s brother, Damla Zambak, also stated that they had great pain. The court adjourned the hearing to a later date by accepting the request for the additional time requested by the defendant for defense and rejecting the rejection request by the judge. DHA

The tractor driver who crushed Sezen, 23, was releasedThe tractor driver who crushed Sezen, 23, was released