Turkey : He wanted to make his stomach shrink! Investigation launched

According to the information obtained, Nuran Uçar, 59 years old and mother of 2 children, applied to a private hospital in the district on January 30 to undergo a stomach reduction surgery.

Uçar, who was disturbed after his surgery, was treated in the intensive care unit. Despite all the interventions made here, Uçar lost his life last night. Uçar’s body was taken to the Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute for an autopsy.

On the other hand, an investigation was initiated by the Izmir Provincial Health Directorate on the allegations of “negligence” in the press regarding the death of Uçar.


Due to the great regret the death of Ucar, in Turkey in recent years, obesity and engaged in a written statement indicating that the disease is common in the world of hospital management, he said:

* The World Health Organization accepts obesity as a disease that triggers other diseases and eventually leads to death.

* As with any operation, there are surgical and postoperative complications. For this reason, the patient was informed about the risks of the operation and the complications that may occur, and surgery approval was obtained.

* Forensic reports have not been released yet. We ask the press members to make the news in the light of these reports for the public benefit. IHA

Fire in hospital in IzmirFire in hospital in Izmir