Turkey : In two years, the most accident-causing 5,751 drivers were trained.

According to a statement from the Interior Ministry, the provision of road traffic safety in Turkey, the country of casualties and injuries in general in the traffic accident to minimize the order in 2018, ‘safe driving rules for most car accident driver training project’ was implemented. In this context, information about the drivers who were involved in the most accidents across the country was obtained from the Insurance Information and Surveillance Center. These drivers were trained. During the trainings, drivers were given information on basic traffic rules, day and night driving techniques, braking and close follow-up rules, the effect of driving vehicles tired and sleepless on traffic safety, basic maneuvering rules. In the trainings, the drivers were watched as an example of the accident scenes that occurred before, and they were made conscious.


In the year when the project was initiated, 2 701 drivers were trained. Last year, 2 thousand 60 in Istanbul, 342 in Izmir, 114 in Bursa, 242 in Kocaeli, 17 in Antalya, 29 in Adana, 51 in Sakarya, 17 in Tekirdag, 137 in Samsun and ‘Safe driving’ training was given to a total of 3,500 drivers, 41 of which were in Konya. It was stated that the project, in which 5 thousand 751 people were trained in 2 years, will continue this year as well. DHA