Turkey : Inconceivable image in the middle of the street in Istanbul

In the incident that took place on Sancaktepe Atatürk Mahallesi Çınar Sokak, allegedly, after shopping from Hatice L. street market, 2 people got off from a car that came next to them while walking on foot to return home.

Beşir Ç from the vehicle. He pulled a gun and asked Hatice L. to get in the vehicle. However, Hatice L. did not want to get into the vehicle by resisting the abduction attempt. Meanwhile, the other person hit the head of the 37-year-old woman with a stick. Hatice L., while collapsing on the ground, the people around intervened.

Trying to put the woman they were trying to hijack into the car, 2 people had to flee upon the intervention of the people around.


As the suspects moved away from the scene, the police were notified. Hatice L. was taken to the hospital. Sancaktepe District Police Department teams started work on the subject.

Suspicious Beşir Ç. He was detained 4 days after the incident. Statement of Beşir Ç., “I lost my wife from cancer. Recently, I started to like the peasant Hatice L. ” Adem I. who helped Beşir Ç, who claimed that he was trying to kidnap Hatice L.


The 2 suspects detained on the kidnapping attempt, which was also reflected in the security cameras, were arrested by the judicial authorities, where they were dispatched after the security proceedings.