Turkey : New development about the Chinese boy who has been treated for suspected Corona virus!

A 6-year-old Chinese boy who was admitted to İstanbul University Çapa Faculty of Medicine with complaints of weakness and fever was taken under suspicion that he had a corona virus.

Dean of Istanbul University Capa Medical Faculty Dr. Tufan Tükek and Chief Physician Dr. Ümmühan İşoğlu made a written statement about the health condition of the child.

The statement used the following statements:

* The service concept of Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine is based on a detailed, up-to-date and scientific study of each case.

* In the case, which is brought to the agenda through social media, which includes social and mass sensitivity, the highest level measures are taken by the Ministry of Health and the Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul, due to the fact that the patient is of Chinese origin, in order to protect both our healthcare workers and other patients. In line with the relevant guides, it was treated in coordination with the Istanbul Provincial Health Directorate.

* Although the patient’s clinic improved and remained stable with the treatment we applied, environmental protective measures were continued.

* Although the first laboratory result of the patient was Influenza B, the result of the test performed in the laboratory of the Ministry of Health was expected, and the corona virus result was reported to be negative from the relevant laboratory of the Ministry of Health (Ankara) (01 February 2020).

* As a result, the patient with good clinical and general status was discharged.

In the declaration that virus outbreaks have occurred in various countries of the world in recent years, it was said:

* In events affecting such large masses, as a society, it is the most appropriate behavior model to remain calm by taking necessary personal and social precautions.

* The sensitivity of all individuals, institutions and organizations affecting the society should be perceived as a duty of citizenship.

* Relevant Civil Society Organizations should support government institutions in informing and directing the society through all communication methods.

* Istanbul Medical Faculty made scientific explanations regarding the social sensitivity before entering the polemics desired to be created under the title of “corona virus” and completed its mission of serving the patient firstly in this case, in accordance with scientific methods and instructions. IHA

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