Turkey : Is the refinery land in Yumurtalik transforming into rent?

Grounds that it would reduce Turkey’s energy imports in 2009 to establish a petroleum refinery given to Çalık Holding’s land in Adana Yumurtalik town, is concerned that areas converted into refined kurulamayın of annuity.

CHP Adana Deputy Müzeyyen Şevkin pointed out that with the decision of the President published on 12 December 2019, he was concerned that the vast land including the area to be refined was included in the privatization scope, and that private lands at the seaside were given to private sector companies.

Şevkin asked Vice President Fuat Oktay what kind of investment will be made in the refinery land to be privatized, including the transfer of operating rights. However, the response from Oktay that the Ministry of Energy and the Treasury and Finance Ministry knows about their investments has been received. It is stated that the lands, where CHP and MHP municipalities are also delegated, can be allocated to Arab investors.

It was reported that the land in Akyuva, Demirtaş and Hunutlu neighborhoods of the Adana district of Yumurtalik, which was included in the scope and program of the privatization with the decision published by the President Tayyip Erdogan in the Official Gazette on December 12, 2019, also included the area given to Çalık Holding to establish a refinery.


evaluating the decision to privatize the CHP Adana Deputy Müzeyyen enthusiasm of the Adana-Ceyhan-Yumurtalik, Turkey’s energy base band to be pointed out that a candidate region. Şevkin, with the decision of the Council of Ministers in 2007, it was planned to establish a ‘Ceyhan Energy Specialized Industrial Zone’ in an area of ​​13 million 471 thousand 964 square meters located in the Kurtpınar and Sarımazı locations of Adana, but that even a nail has not been nailed in the past 12 years.
She reported.

We feel serious suspicion

Şevkin stated that he was worried that such an important land, which is said to be built in the refinery, would be given to someone through privatization.

“The central administration made a separate decision in 2010 for the urgent expropriation of the region. Despite this decision, no explanation was made regarding the stage of infrastructure investments and expropriation studies related to the region, how to follow an bureaucratically and how to apply for an investor who wants to invest in the region. For 12 years, the question of why such an important project has not progressed has been a question of public opinion. We are seriously skeptical that this seaside area, which is open to privatization, will be allocated to private investments for different purposes or to some private sector owners.


In these areas transferred to the Privatization Administration with the decision of the President, the allocations on behalf of public institutions and organizations, if any, will be removed. With the privatization decision, it is stated that the lands that the villagers have been using for years by paying ecrimisil will also be disposed of.

The Petrochemical and Refinery Industry Integrated Facility, which was opened to privatize the land with the new decision, was said to have worked only during the construction of 10 thousand people, during the operation period, 20 thousand people will have a job gate and contribute 2 billion dollars to the region.