Turkey : World-renowned business brand awards was in court in Turkey

Unsung Opinions Discovery and Application Center Company, which is the most important business awards handed out by the US business world Stevie Awards name using in Turkey ‘The Stevies’, ‘Stevie Awards Turkey’, ‘Stevie Business Awards’ brands were registered. Stating that the defendant is trying to make an unfair profit by using the name of the company, Stevie Awards company applied to the court to decide the invalidity of the three brands.


Istanbul on Intellectual and Industrial Rights Court lawsuit filed Stevie Awards for 20 years in the business world has given wide recognition worldwide and in Turkey to meet with outstanding success, he said with the international Stevie Business Awards.

Stating that the Stevie Business Awards started to be given in the USA in 2002, the company reputed that its reputation spread all over the world in a short time and was the owner of the Stevie Business Awards and The Stevie Business Awards. Although these brands are registered in 145 countries around the world, he stated that the Company of Unheard of Ideas and Implementation Center registered the trademark on its behalf by loading Turkey at the end of the brand as if it had the impression of a corporate bond with them.


Stevie Awards company applied to the court and asked for the invalidity of these brands and their abandonment from the registry. Unsung Opinions Discovery and Application Center of the Company’s maliciously pretending to represent Turkey in order to create the impression of ‘The Stevies’, ‘Stevie Awards Turkey’, ‘Stevie Business Awards’ company stating that the brand is registered under the name, however rather simply argued that the same logo in use. Stevie Awards recognized companies in this way and to use the trademark in Turkey has claimed that the defendant forced the company to establish business relations with him.


“The defendant company is malevolent,” said the Stevie Awards petition. 20 years ago, and we have chosen to benefit from the brand name, it wants to create the impression that the brand is a subsidiary of Turkey’s representative owners. Our commercial title was also used in the subject of the lawsuit because it wanted to make an unfair profit from our brand. ”


The Stevie Awards company requested that a decision be taken to prevent the transfer of the brand to third parties by requesting the decision to override the Stevie Business Awards brand for all classes where it is registered. The court imposed interim injunctions on all 3 brands that were on trial.