Turkey : Is the school holiday extended? Will schools be opened? Here is the holiday description of Minister Koca!

Last minute statements about the school holiday came from the Minister of Health and Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk. Has the school holiday extended, which millions of students and parents are eagerly waiting for? The answer to the question became clear. The decision taken after the meeting of the ministers was announced and the schools were reported to be on holiday.


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced that the school holiday will be extended according to the decision taken after the meeting. It was announced that the school holiday will continue until April 30.

Minister Koca: “If the guest comes, there is no hug. No hand kissing. Do not see the application as a holiday. Your children’s education continues. The break will be extended. “


The distance education system, which started on March 23 and made through the Education Information Network (EBA), will continue until April 30, 2020. Students will continue to receive their education online through EBA and TRT EBA Tv.

How many channels will EBA TV broadcast?

It will be broadcast on a total of 6 channels, 3 different channels, HD and SD.

Which channels will there be?

Three channels will be used in distance education: EBA TV Elementary School, EBA TV Middle School and EBA TV High School.

Where can I find EBA TV television channels broadcast streams?

Broadcast streams will be available on the eba.gov.tr ​​homepage and on the TRT website. Also, it can be viewed on the television screen after the broadcast ends every evening and until the morning starts broadcasting.

Will the students be at the TV all day long?

By following the broadcast flow through EBA TV and eba.gov.tr, students will learn the lectures belonging to their classes, the day and time of that week, and they will follow the broadcast in the time interval determined for them. They won’t have to be at the screen outside those hours.

Will there be replays of EBA TV broadcasts?

Broadcasts will be repeated on the same channel and 1 or 2 times a day. Recurrent broadcast stream can also be learned from eba.gov.tr ​​and TRT websites.
In addition, records of the content published on eba.gov.tr ​​will be available.

Last minute ... Health Minister Koca announced: The break in education is extendedLast minute … Health Minister Koca announced: The break in education is extended