Turkey : The expert warned: Do not diet while there is a Corona virus!

Ayşe Kartal, a Nutrition and Dietetic Specialist, explained the importance of nutrition to protect against viruses. “Taking human nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin, minerals and water, which are needed by Kartal, both helps protect against and fight diseases,” said Kartal.

Answering the questions on the mind about how to feed against the Corona virus, Kartal used the following statements:

* I want to warn you about what we should do against Corona virus. In response to the question of what should we do, you must first stay in your own home.

* Before we feed, we have to stay at home and do our own social isolation. In the meantime, while we are shopping, we should make our food choices very correct.

* Let’s be very careful with three things. We should eat a healthy and balanced diet. Let’s sleep regularly, let’s move, because in our normal life, we were on the move with exercise and sports, but unfortunately, we are at home because our movements are limited.

* We can evaluate this with small movements as much as possible. Sleep patterns are as important as nutrition. He also nourishes your body.

Corona can hit both the manufacturer and the consumerCorona can hit both the manufacturer and the consumer


In response to the questions of how we should eat, how we should shop, Kartal continued his words as follows:

* If you lead durable and nutritious foods with a long shelf life, it will be better for us. In this process, we usually feed on things like covit-19 influenza, virus bacteria, etc.

* Eat this, eat this, your immunity gets stronger, you will never be sick or infected, or you will be treated immediately. We cannot say that if you get infected with this virus. But let us help our body. It helps antibodies, which are the defense system of our body when viruses or bacteria enter.

* Let’s eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. What are these? What we know is cabbage, cauliflower, potato and carrot are actually seasonal foods that you know.

* Let’s eat fruit that is in season as fruit. Eat fruit, eat dried fruit, you can eat things like tomatoes. Do not diet on this process. If we die, our immunity will drop.

Warning from the mother, whose baby caught the corona virusWarning from the mother, whose baby caught the corona virus


Kartal said, “If you have a diet program right now, give up immediately. What we call diet is to get rid of your weight. For mineral water at home. Drink water as everyone knows. Drink lots of water, give weight to fruits while shopping at the market. Drink plenty of fluids while sitting at home. “Take care of your health and stay at home for your loved ones and for yourself.” (IHA)

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