Turkey : Istanbul at 00:00! New measures started to be implemented

China’s Wuhan city in the emerging and soon spread throughout the world corona virus outbreaks of thousands of lives in Turkey, while the number of cases continues to rise. Following the Scientific Board meeting, the Ministry of Internal Affairs issued additional circulars and shared new decisions.


As of today, 00:00, all places except the shopping malls and restaurants were temporarily closed by the Ministry of Interior.

The scope of the circular is as follows:

* Theater, cinema, show center, concert hall, engagement / wedding hall, restaurant / café with music / music, casino, pub, tavern, coffee shop, café, cafeteria, country garden, hookah lounge, hookah cafe, internet lounge, internet cafe, The activities of all kinds of game halls, all kinds of indoor playgrounds (including shopping malls and restaurants), tea garden, clubhouses, amusement park, swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, spa, massage parlor, SPA and sports centers have been temporarily stopped.

* General meetings, trainings and all kinds of meetings and activities that bring people together collectively have been postponed as of 24:00 today.

* The activities of “Condolence Houses”, where citizens are gathered together, have been stopped as of 00:00 today.


After the decision was announced in the evening, many venues prepared to close at 00.00. Some cafes continued their disinfectant procedures while cleaning many workplaces that allowed their employees until the ban was lifted.

Stating that the places specified in the circular should stop operating by 00.00, the police teams traveled to their work places and warned. In Üsküdar, Üsküdar Municipality Police officers and police officers inspected the shopkeepers by considering the issues in the circular.

Examining the necessary documents, the Police teams closed their workplaces that did not comply with the circular issues.


Bayram Göktaş, who runs the Playstation hall, said:

* We will close it soon, I hope it will be improved. This virus event ends; goes back to the old one. Tradesmen also have debt, everyone should be in trouble. The rest is not important, whether it is health.

Atakan Selman, the internet cafe operator, said the following:

* On the one hand, the righteous are troubled and serious; the virus is spreading. When viewed by the owners, the men are making money. There is a constant return on money.

* But there is nothing to do. Nobody needs to stand up, nobody should leave their home.


Emir Can Baş, who works in the cafe, said:

* First of all, I find this decision of our state very correct since the spread of the virus is very fast. It is wondered what kind of precaution our government will take in this regard, whether it is the rents and salaries that should be paid.

* I am an employee, many people like me are going to get out of work, we don’t know.

* Obviously nobody wants the virus to spread right now, I find the decision of the state correct. I hope there is a vaccine in a short time, people return to normal.


“It impressed us a lot, but our health priority is; I hope this pack will be solved as soon as possible. Let people pay attention to cleanliness, we do our best. I hope this problem will be resolved as soon as possible. The operator of a cafe in Üsküdar complained about false news on social media and said:

* We also learned from the new police officers that they were closed; There are a lot of false news on the internet. Our police officers came and said they would be closed, good luck.

Tea garden owner Fikret Morgül stated that he employs 80 people. We will also close a business that employs 80 people. This is an economic challenge for us, but we will gladly comply with this decision so that our nation and our country will not be harmed. ”