Turkey : The real trouble has not started yet – Sözcü Gazetesi

Dear my readers, the case called corona and the trouble of the entire human world, has read the lives of some countries, but in some it is just beginning.

Especially in Turkey …

We haven’t faced the bitter facts yet.

When I say pain is real deaths I mean.

When I wrote the following lines yesterday, there was no death in our country. I hope it always goes like this, but it seems unlikely.

A lot of measures are taken, but there are some issues that the public should know and evaluate them very well.

And also some questions should be answered seriously by the government …


-Umre returns started. How many thousand were gone, how many people came when? Are there any other futures?

These are supposedly quarantined to him. Students are removed from the dormitories where they are staying, and those who come to their places and who come from abroad are placed. Quarantine conditions are insufficient. If some of them carry deadly viruses, what will they be?

Friday prayers were very important. Our mosques around the Turkey expires Friday prayers in overcrowded and had an encounter with an infected humans. Matches are played without spectators, night clubs are closed, social activities are canceled, but Friday prayers are ended only yesterday. The Diyanet is for some reason too late in the call to society to do this.


In various areas and places irresponsibility knee length! ..

I saw it in newspapers yesterday, a large store is opening in Sivas and the first day of sales reduced declares that it will be.

There was also a photo, the bewildering crowd is on the offensive again! ..

Hundreds of people are attacking together, shoulder to shoulder, lap to buy discounted goods.

Why is Sivas Governorate not preventing this view when the epidemic comes to our door? God knows what in Turkey is experiencing more such nice events every day, no one cares about.


I wonder what’s going on in prisons?

In hundreds of prisons, detainees and convicts have to lie and live one after the other. The reason is inadequacy.

For example, 24 people in eight-person wards remain in the most unsanitary conditions.

The government has taken a measure so far and days of view Postponed.

So what happens next?

I don’t want to say more, hard times can wait for those who have to live in prisons.


Except for grocery stores, bakeries and pharmacies, tradesmen’s situation will get worse every day. No one from taxi drivers to bagels, bagels, manavas, tea makers and waitresses is optimistic and he is right to be like this…

People are being laid off…

Business places are closing…

The tourism industry is at sunset…

Everybody has their own troubles …

Currently in Turkey a silent panic He is experiencing.


People fell into their homes. Even the main streets have become secluded, parking lots, cafes, all over empty.

God forbid, if deaths begin in the coming days, then it is burned, my smile, flax halva!

That’s when you can start a real sense of panic in Turkey.

Let’s not forget that all Asian and European countries, especially the USA, China and Iran, especially Italy and Spain lived and happened.

Because this disease is indexed to death.


The Minister of Health makes as much as possible and well-intentioned statements as much as he can, but it seems to me not enough.

This trouble does not seem to be solved in good faith.

It turned out that the quarantine conditions were inadequate, especially for those who care and return from abroad.

Nobody knows what to do when the symptoms appear, where to apply.

We are in a very difficult process, but we will be faced with difficulty, if deaths begin.