Turkey : It came to the place where 90 million Turks are in the lottery!

The money paid on the lottery paper, which won 90 million Euros in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, was only 18.50 Euros. This amount is the highest figure in the history of lottery in the province where Turks live intensely.

“FIRST, they will be shy”

The officials of the lottery administration at Münster said that they understood the shy winner very well and that the winners of the lottery waited for the public to decrease.

The Lotto administration also explained that if several people played, they went to the notary to make a deal, so things might have been extended.

Lotto administration officials, who are not yet aware of the person or people who earned the money, stated that the winner did not need to panic because he had a legal period until 31 December 2023 to receive the money.

Here are the figures that won the jackpot;


Two reserve numbers; 3 and 4

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