Turkey : The racist killer scouted four days ago!

The light-colored jacket of the German racist, who saw a ruff of a gun on his waist, was also seen in the video he uploaded to the internet.

It is seen that Tobias Rathjen, who came to the bar and the bar where he killed six people, wanted water here and watched the matches.

Next to Rathjen, there are some customers with immigrant backgrounds that he has chosen.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the terrorist prosecutor’s office investigating the incident investigated whether Rathjen had other connections.

The German Bild Newspaper wrote that Hanau murderer Tobias Rathjen made a discovery at the Arena Bar before the massacre.


Rathjen, who is a good football watcher and has videos that criticize Germany at the 2014 World Championship, was determined to play football in the youth team of Eintracht Frankfurt between the ages of 10-15.

It was stated that the amateur football team was also employed by the famous coach Jürgen Klopp at that time.

Klopp was also trained in Frankfurt, and between 1987 and 1988, he played football for amateur teams under the age of 21 in Frankfurt.

On the other hand, Tobias Rathjen’s football life ended with his injury from the knee. It is stated that this situation caused great discomfort in Rathjen.

In the video published by the killer on social media, the jacket he wore during the discovery drew attention.


Meanwhile, a detective agency in Wuppertal stated that Rathjen reached them last year and asked them to help Prime Minister Merkel and German Secret Intelligence Service BND.

The Detective Bureau has rejected this proposal by Rathjen, who believes that they can maintain a high-level relationship.

Flash offer in Germany after the Hanau attack!Flash offer in Germany after the Hanau attack!