Turkey : It was messed up at the bus station! There are people injured

The incident occurred at the Metropolitan Municipality Adana Central Bus Station located on Turhan Cemal Beriker Boulevard in the Fevzipaşa District of Seyhan district.

Allegedly, Z.A. Fidelity. B.İ., who claimed that his cargo passed when he delivered the cargo to the bus terminal to his customers. There was a discussion with them.

After the discussion, B.İ. left the scene. Then B.İ. Z.A., who was again in the bus station, and came to the business run by F.A.

Speaking again between them, Z.A., F.A. and B.İ. and suddenly a gun-armed fights broke out among the people who came with him. Z.A., F.. and B.İ. As the gunman was shot, he collapsed in the blood.

Meanwhile, a large number of police teams were sent to the region upon notice. While Z.A and F.A were taken to a private hospital by their relatives, they were treated and B.İ. He was taken to Adana City Hospital by ambulance. It was learned that the situation of B.İ., which was shot from the head and foot, was severe.


Special operations teams, which were dispatched to the bus station to prevent an incident again, took extensive security measures. During the works carried out at the bus station, 4 people involved in the incident were detained and taken to the police station.

Police carried out evidences on empty hives on the ground with the stick used in the incident. An investigation was launched into the incident. IHA