Turkey : Journalists announcing the Corona virus disappear one by one!

According to the news in Euronews, the number of people who died in the new type of Corona virus (Kovid-19) outbreak in Wuhan, China, has approached 2,500, and the number of those affected by the virus is 79,000.

It is stated that there is no news from journalists who first announced the epidemic of Corona virus in China to the world. One of those journalists is Fang Bin. Bin, a sales consultant at the clothing store, said in his video in front of Vuhan Hospital that there were at least 8 body bags.

Bin disappeared in less than 2 weeks after publishing this 40-minute video that made him known on the internet, and his whereabouts have been unknown for about 15 days. Before disappearing, Chinese officials accused Bin of “spreading false news” referring to the video where he counted his body bags.


Fang Bin is not the only journalist to hear about after the outbreak announced. Another independent journalist, Chen Qiushi, who tells about the Corona virus crisis in China, where professional media is tightly controlled by the state, was lost days ago. Qiushi’s family and friends believe he was forcibly quarantined.

The common point of dozens of videos published by Qiushi and Bin were images from the hospitals in the center of the epidemic, showing the status of patients and their relatives, and how the Chinese authorities were trying to deal with the virus.

These images, coming from outside professional media organizations in China, where even “low-dosage” criticisms against the government were quickly removed from online platforms, started censorship discussions.

Turkey closed its border with Iran due to corona virusTurkey closed its border with Iran due to corona virus


The death of the Wuhanian doctor Li Wenliang, who detected the virus in his early period and tried to warn the public, caused a wave of rebellion against the government censorship through Chinese social media channels.

It was noted that Dr. Li Wenliang made the CoronA virus alert weeks before the widespread epidemic broke out, but was silenced by local authorities.

Li was accused of “spreading rumors and disrupting the public order” on the Internet, his statement was taken, he was taken to hospital on January 11 as a result of the infection of Corona virus, and he died in early February.

On December 30, Li warned his friends about the Corona virus through the frequently used messaging application WeChat in China. The message in question quickly spread over social media.

'Hero of Corona Virus' lost his life!‘Hero of Corona Virus’ lost his life!


According to the Chinese Human Rights Defenders organization, at least 350 people in China have been punished with the charge of “spreading rumors” about the outbreak.

Chen Qiushi, a missing journalist, was a lawyer well known before the outbreak. In the videos he published on YouTube and watched millions of times, Qiushi talked to the people who lost their relatives, and transferred the status of quarantine centers and patients waiting for treatment to the audience. Quishi has been blocked from the WeChat app because of the fake news.

“I am afraid, I have a virus in front of me, and the legal and administrative power of China behind me,” Chen Qiushi said on January 30.

In a video he took after the authorities contacted his family, he addressed the government:

“I’m not even afraid of death, do you think I’m afraid of you, the Communist Party?”

Her family and friends have not been able to reach Qiushi since February 6.

Unlike Qiushi, Fang Bin was not a known figure before, his videos were not as professionally prepared as his. However, these videos contained notable images from hospitals and the empty streets of the city of Wuhan.

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Speaking in one of his last videos, Bin said that the place where he lives is surrounded by the police.

Bin said that his friends told him to stop criticizing the government so that he could be safe, saying, “Because the world is on our eyes, they cannot dare do anything to me, this is possible, but I cannot stop, even if they cannot do anything to me, you will be your targets.”

In a short 13-second video he released on February 8, Fang Bin said, “Resist citizens! “Take power from the government and give it back to the public.”

Bin, who criticized the death of Doctor Li and the disappearance of lawyer Chen Qiushi in his latest videos, has not been reached since February 9.

Frightening news from the Corona virus! Also appeared in doctors and nursesFrightening news from the Corona virus! Also appeared in doctors and nurses