Turkey : Kanal Istanbul statement that attracts attention from the CHP!

Faik Öztrak, CHP Deputy Chairman and Party Spokesperson, spoke at the Edirne Provincial Congress of his party. The AKP government criticism by giving examples of the last 16 years in the import of sunflower ÖZTRAK figures, said Turkey’s national income in 2013 of $ 200 billion that fell today.

Öztrak said, “Both our vaccine and our business have shrunk in the last 5-6 years. The national income we created in this country in 2013 was $ 956 billion. Today this has dropped to $ 749 billion. So 201 billion dollars went from our pocket. Can we say we are well managed? The end of this trend does not come, the mill does not rotate with the transport water, the thesis on the horse descends ”.


Öztrak, who suggested that Thrace would be divided and divided by the Kanal Istanbul project, used the following statements;

* They want to take Thrace out of Anatolia. They will split the beautiful Thrace into two by saying Channel Istanbul. Will we accept this betrayal of the fertile lands of Thrace?

* They are preparing to invest billions of dollars in this job, which they call crazy projects. On the other hand, our people die in the earthquake because they could not pay for urban transformation. The homes of the poor are being destroyed by themselves.

Canal Istanbul landCanal Istanbul land

Emphasizing that the economic crisis affected the farmer, Öztrak continued his words as follows;

* Edirne and Thrace are an important center of agriculture. The government’s agriculture-related policies and the economic crisis made our farmers miserable. 13 tonnes from 100 tonnes each of sunflower oil produced in Turkey Edirnemiz and 43 tons are produced in our Thrace.

* Our country has paid 408 million dollars for oil sunflower imports last year. Compared to the previous year, the increase in sunflower imports tripled by 166 percent. In the last 16 years, the amount paid for oilseed sunflower seeds, pulp, or sunflower imports is 16.5 billion dollars. Who did he go to? He went to the farmer outside.

* These are extraordinary figures. These figures make the farmers of Moldova, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania happy but make the Turkish farmer face forward. While all this is happening, the minister comes out and cuts the price of the sunflower he does not buy. Afterwards, it stops purchasing for cooperatives, and sunflower prices begin to decrease.

* If you are declaring a price, you will give his purchase money to the cooperatives, ‘buy it’. Let them give the premium of the farmer of Thrace properly, give the diesel and fertilizer support properly, you will see where we are reducing this import.

* They issued an agricultural law in 2006, they said to the farmer that we will support 318 billion 2019. What did they give? 143 billion. So not even half. They turned their backs to the farmer and the nation, their ears are deaf, their eyes are blind. DHA

People chain against Kanal Istanbul!People chain against Kanal Istanbul!