Turkey : Kılıçdaroğlu: There is loss of life and property, but what precaution do we take?

The highlights of Kılıçdaroğlu’s statements are as follows:

* Maybe we may not have grasped enough. There is a difference between the language used by the world of geology and ours. What is merit means giving the expert to every job. Whether there is a fault under the ground, is it mobile or not, we cannot know. This is done by experts who have given their years for this job.


* We have to ask the question to our conscience together. Earthquakes have been going on for a long time, we have lost lives and property. There is a loss of life and property, so what precaution do we take? Taking action is another, managing the crisis is another. If you are going to take action, it will be earthquake resistant. Crisis management is an earthquake, it is to heal those wounds quickly. Today, it is not crisis that we take, but crisis management. Japan took the precaution. People die because we don’t take action.

* We sent our children to coffins for 17 years. We all pay taxes. Do not think that only the elders pay. The child pays tax from the moment he is born. I said what did you do with these taxes, the apocalypse broke. Friends, everyone pays this tax. It is our right to know where it is spent. If I pay my tax, I will ask those who govern the state.

* It is not that easy to heal the wounds when it comes to healing wounds. We need time to heal the wounds. People need love for tolerance. We can easily overcome everything together.