Turkey : Last minute… Inhuman application to refugees from Greece: They send to black areas

refugees tension between Turkey and Greece in while continuing the prestigious newspaper The New York Times was preparing a file news flash … Speaking at the newspaper sources and refugees, after the refugees who managed to cross the Evros River, captured by Greek police “black zone” was revealed to be sent.

These refugees are exposed to violence in the black region and stated that their property confiscated after being deported, this region is very close to the border with Turkey and laid before our eyes happened in this building.

The New York Times, while examining the satellite imagery, explained to the readers that it really has such a building and structure in the northeast of Greece. François Crepeau, who served as the former human rights rapporteur of the United Nations, said, “These regions were always hidden and no legal process is working here. These are black spots. ”

Speaking to the New York Times, a refugee named al-Huseyin said, “After crossing the border, Greek officials caught us and took us to a detention center. They took our phones here. We guessed it was near Poros. There were three red roofed warehouses in the area and a U-shaped array. Hundreds of other refugees caught were waiting outside. They let us in. They picked up our phones and my request to speak to the authorities was denied. They treated us like we were animals. They didn’t give us food and drink. On March 1, they took us back to the Evros River, and police were sent to Turkey where Greek side small speed motors with us, “he said.

In the light of the data it obtained, the New York Times determined that this “black zone” was between Poros and the Meriç River. “This area is not officially available, but it is used informally when the influx of refugees is intense,” said a former Greek official who did not reveal his name.

A statement from the Greek government came to these allegations. “There is no hidden black zone where lawyers are prohibited from entering,” the Greek government denied the claims of the New York Times newspaper. Government spokesperson Stelios Petsas said, “It is no secret if a foreign newspaper knows the existence of this place. There is no secret detention center in Greece. All our security elements are transparent. Laws are enforced and nothing is hidden. ”

Speaking to British news agency Reuters, Petsas said, “We refute the allegations made about this issue. They emerge by Turkey’s propaganda and spreading false news, “he said.